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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Destiny 2.0 The Taken King

After a massive update (17gb), I have been playing the new Destiny 2.0. Unfortunately the same evening  Battlefield 4 also had a large update. So I gave up the idea of gaming and let the Xbox One have some bandwidth

 I have nothing against Nolan North as a voice actor, but I do miss Peter Dinklage's voice and his take (sarcastic) as the voice of the Ghost. 
Leveling up makes more sense. You now can level  up based on activity in strikes or the crucible and not just "light" and gear beyond level 31. I was stuck at 31 for ages, but since the update I am now at level 34.

The  Inventory the new Bounties and Quests screens are improved.  And you can track 4 quest or bounties so you are updated when parts or all of the quest/bounty is completed. I look forward to reviewing the complete update..