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Thursday, 21 February 2013

I've had a thought (remembered) about a great way to use Pinterest

Finally, after having a Pinterest for ages, I've thought of (remembered) a good way of using it.  Back a long time ago in a galaxy far far away I worked for Disney games. Occasionally I could visit their scrap library. In the scrap library were loads of images taken out of magazines including images of how an old western town should look, What main street USA might look  and more, so much more.  All curated, in alphabetical order filling 20 or more filing cabinets.  It was amazing. I had access to the same material Imagineers and the original designers of Disneyland had.

Now I teach 3D, and I need some cool images, of which I usually search for on the day. But why not use Pinterest, as my scrap library with amazing images useful for inspiring cool 3D images.  From architectural, science fiction, NASA,, lighting examples, designs  exteriors, the elements and more, I will create my scrap library, and it will be good.

If you have suggestions let me know, I am grateful for any help.  Find me on Google Pluse