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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Halo 4 a love story

Be careful there are some spoilers in this post.

With Microsoft's 343 Industries taking over the Halo franchise I think everyone breathed a sigh of relief as we started playing the campaign. Graphics are jaw dropping. Even my wife said she liked the look of the game, and that's a first. Halo 4 is true to franchise.

The campaign follows in true Halo fashion, with one addition, conversations between Master Chief and Cortana.  With Cortana's suffering from rampancy (AI decline, madness, maybe death). Master Chief must not only save the world, he must also save the girl.  The enemies you meet, trials you overcome pale in comparison to the Chief's need to save Cortana.  Although the enemies and trials are amazing.


Halo 4 Multiplayer  rocks. Customisation of your spartan is as standard with special armour and helmets. New loadouts gives you various types of weapons to suit the map you are fighting on. With some of the weapon and armour choices it helps even the fields. You earn better weapons as you rank up. I like playing Halo Multiplayer. In previous games I felt like a permanent noob.  At least now I can leave the field of battle with some pride, I feel multiplayer is  much better balanced.

Spartan Ops

Brand new to Halo, episodes (maps) that be played co-operative and by yourself.

343 Industries has kept the Halo Flame alive with a great new version of Halo. It's fun, the campaign is amazing and the graphics are eye popping.  If you doubted, don't, have faith and go enjoy Halo 4.