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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Battlefield 3 Review

Battlefield 3 is the long awaited sequel in the Battlefield series.  EA and Dice have teamed up and with the new Frostbite 2 engine and I could not wait for it to be released.

I've been playing it for awhile now so this review comes from hours of gameplay. Lots of people have slated the single player in BF3, but there are some great levels worth playing.  One such is  Going Hunting, it is beautiful and great to play. You take on the role of weapons office of a carrier jet. It's a joy to be in the back seat of a jet responsible for gunning down or launching missiles at baddies.  In my own opinion I liked the single player campaign, my only problem was it was too short.

Everyone agrees multiplayer is the best part of Battlefield 3. It's amazing, fast paced awesome FPS.  With Frostbite 2 and HD textures the look and feel of multiplayer is breathtaking.  The first thing EA and Dice got right with Battlefield 3 are the soldier classes.  Assault;   The assault class carries a variety of assault weapons and has merged with the medic.  It's a great all around kit, and I use it on Operation Metro.
Engineer;  Rocket Launchers, Mines, Repair and more types of Rocket Launchers. My favourite weapon for Engineer is the Scar-H with the IRNV (infrared) scope to kill the campers hiding nearby and spot the recon in the buildings.  I use Engineer with Damavand Peak, Caspian Border, Operation Firefight, Kharg Island  and  Nosharh Canal because mines and rockets are so fun.  Support; Sometimes I use Support in Operation  Metro but I love using Claymores on the Grand Bazaar map.  I also use Support on the Seine with the Mortar.

Co-Op play.  Well finally game makers have seen the light of Halo and added some Co-Op play.
In Battlefield 3 there are separate Co-Op missions to play either with a friend or  in Public mode they will match make a game for you.  I enjoy the Co-Op play but it's limited to 2 players.  EA and Dice go back and play lots of Halo and realize we should be able to play the whole single player game with 4 of our friends cooperatively.

I've read the Andy McNab got involved with Battlefield 3.  You couldn't get a better consultant than
ex SAS.  I've read his books which i recommend to everyone. I am glad to see them bring in a real warrior on this game.

If you buy this game purely for the multiplayer then you are guaranteed a great ride in FPS.  It's fast and furios.  There are the classic big Battlefield maps with tanks, helicopters, jets etc. And their are some amazing close combat maps.  I can't wait for back to Karkand. My Xbox live handle is wingdisc, if you see me in game give me a medic pack or some ammo.

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