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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Is something magical happening at Google?

Google has been very busy, +1 and Google Plus. Blogger and Gmail have been given a facelift. If only I could update my 59 year old appearance so easily outside of Photoshop.

Google Plus seems to have gone public now. Google products always felt like they were made by engineers for engineers, Plus seems to have some user experience magic to it. I like how Plus uses Circles to organize people.  I have set up a circle of people I play games with on Xbox Live. I have some regulars from twitter in another Circle, and a family Circle. Other than that I am playing with learning about Google Plus.

Will Plus l have an effect on Twitter?  Google Plus has a FriendFeed feel to it.  Yes you have more options than FriendFeed, I can see people sharing things in a more focused, personal way with Plus rather than Twitter.

What about Google Buzz?  Google Buzz certainly had it's problems, it invaded our Gmail among other things, which were fixed. At least Plus is part of my Google experience, but it does not dip into my Gmail like Buzz did. What I do like about Buzz and hope they bring into Plus is integration with Blogger.  It was great to see my blog titles with the first paragraph automatically show up in Buzz.  It worked great.  I suppose they will phase out Buzz in the near future, once people adapt to Plus.

Will Plus take out Facebook? No, some of my friends or family members will never ever go to Plus.  They are still struggling with Gmail. Plus loads of my friends on Facebook play games together.

Google Plus will be very popular with the Gmail crowd for sure. My friends are excited about it. Let's hope Google doesn't Wave good bye to Plus.