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Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Walking Dead, A Short Review

The Walking Dead premiered in the UK this week on FX.  Wow, this is going to be good.

I am a fan of Zombie films, so of course I was going to watch the first episode.  What caught my eye first was the lead actor Andrew Lincoln who plays Rick Grimes.  I first saw him in the UK series Teachers.  Teachers was a quirky series that worked great with Andrew Lincoln, but fell short when he left the cast.

The second series with Andrew Lincoln was Afterlife.  He played a psychology lecturer and sceptic to Lesley Sharp's role as a medium.  Afterlife was a brilliant series and Andrew Lincoln played a great straight man to Lesley's  gifted medium.  Afterlife, which aired for a couple of seasons around 2005 makes Ghost Whisperer look like Sesame Street. It was spooky, scary and very moving at times.

Interesting actors draw me to TV shows.  I would have never watched Burn Notice had it not had Bruce Campbell in it.  So I had to watch The Walking Dead.

This show pays homage to it's predecessors, 28 Days later, George Romero, and my favourite childhood book "I am Legend" and subsequent film.  This show has the look and feel of a film. From cinematography, costumes, music.

After watching the first episode I wanted more.That's the best way I can describe it, my wife said the same thing to me.  It was brilliant. Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes character is convincing and sincere so he is the perfect person to take us through the zombie nightmare and all it brings.