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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Halo Reach

The first Halo game got me back in to first person shooters. It was fun with large environments great vehicles and a fabulous hero in Master Chief.

Now we are at an end of an era of Halo and Bungie. Bungie flew the Microsoft nest awhile ago and alas now they leave Halo with Reach.

Reach is a worthy good bye from Bungie. It is beautiful, magnificent vistas and their characters are all 21st century. The story works very well through the campaign. All very satisfying.  My only complaint, only because the game is so good, is there is no epic all or nothing  brutal drive through hell like past Halo games.

Bungie made games before Halo and Microsoft and I look forward to playing what they do next. Meanwhile I am off to Reach multiplayer.