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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Scott Sigler kicks butt

 I have been listening to Scott Sigler's podcast books for awhile now. He never fails to deliver on a great story. I thought I would take a minute and discuss briefly some of his book's  I've read.

The Crypt
A great blend of Sci Fi, heavy future military and horror.  The Crypt is his current release so I am waiting for new episodes as I write. Well worth a listen.  And if your in the Navy and get called up for the PUV James Keeling, run!  I am in the midst of listening, join me!

Scary, eerie, mythical, with a nice dark police/detective touch. Probably my favourite of his podcast books.  And you have to meet Pookie.  The detectives  Bryan and Pookie are on the tracks of some strange murders when their investigation is officially put on hold from the top.  The discovery of strange weapons, murders gone without investigation, and it doesn't sit right with the detectives. The deep dank underworld of San Francisco is scarier than you think.

(originally posted by me as a review of Contagious on! This is an edge of your seat Sci Fi thriller. I am reluctant to stray beyond my favourite authors but I am glad I decided to start reading Scott Sigler. If you like uber military type thrillers with a Sci Fi edge then this is the book you will want to read. The characters Scott creates feel real, sometimes seriously flawed and sometimes endearing. One thing you can count on his characters will reach out and hold you till the end of the book.

The Rookie
Billed as a young adults book that was released I was hesitant to devote time listening to this.  The podcast book is recommended for adults so I thought I would give it a try. Obviously Scott is a huge football (American football) fan.  The Rookie is set in the future and centres on a rookie quarterback moving up to big league play with,  aliens.  It has satisfying dark overtones of underworld, futuristic sci fi, and a nice morality play showing ignorance of racism. It was a good listen.

Heavy duty science wrapped up in nice thriller. With a dose of very scary horror that will give you nightmares.  Scott shows you that Utah has more than just missionaries.

More to come on this. 

Scott's listings at podiobooks

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Monday, 18 January 2010

Children of the Gods update

Still waiting for episode 10-2 from cmack.  It's such a good Sci Fi podcast it's still worth the wait. Check out their website for information on the progress of episodes.  Check out the status of coming episodes. And while your waiting, listen to the released podcasts.