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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Orange Country Choppers

I have been a fan of American chopper since the series started. As a former biker, I loved the whole environment of the shop, designing and building bikes. The star was Paul Jr. Paul Sr. never realized this, even today. American chopper would have never hit the big time that it did without Paul Jr's designs. It was the Fire Bike and the Black Widow Bike that Paul Jr. designed that brought them real notoriety. Without those bikes American chopper might not have had such a big audience. It was the design of the bikes by Paul Jr, that let to American Choppers meteoric rise and success.

Yes Paul Sr. ran the business side and yelled a lot. Paul Sr. did build the POW/ MIA bike which I love. So I'll give him credit for that. I love the POW/MIA bike and have a model of it on my desk at work. That is a lovely bike.