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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I've gone back to blogger, for now.

I have been experimenting with different bloging platforms in the last week. I've come back to blogger where I started my blog. I can't find a blog site that does exactly what I want, yet.

I played around with It's got a lot of great tools, lots of plugins, widgets etc. I liked but for flexibility of layout I was more comfortable with blogger.

I've spent a few days on This comes highly recommened on net at night, a twit net cast. I like twit so I gave it a try. It is a nice system. It has great designs for your blog. It has some really great tools for add books you read. It's linked with Amazon so I though that was a very cool feature. Vox has a really nice privacy and sharing feature. The privacy feature lets you set exactly who sees your blog. You can set it to anyone, neighborhood, friends, friends and family, or hidden. I can see vox has some real potential for the future. One very interesting aspect of is a Nokia Nseries link. You can share your mobile life directly to your blog. As a Nokia fan this holds a lot of interest.

All the blog sites give you access to flickr that works very well. Only Vox did not display my twitter stream very well. and blogger really make twitter a part of your blog.

Wordpress, Vox and blogger all seem to have good commenting features.

 But after experimenting with other blogging platforms I am back at blogger. I know it's not the most talked about blogging platform, but it does give me a lot of freedom to set up the blog design and layout how I want, easily.

More experienced bloggers may have better better reasons than I do for choosing their blog platform. But I find it easy to write, design, layout on blogger for now.