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Friday, 31 July 2009

Battlefield Heroes Part III

How they can make Battlefield Heroes a great game. Leveling up has to be much more evenly scaled expecially after level 11. To get to level 12 I need 40,000 points. Previous levels were relatively easily attainable.

Balancing of the weapons is important. Commandoes are very powerful. They can blow up a spitfire. I wouldn't mind them sniping me in the cockpit, but able to blow up a spitfire is a bit too much.

The large maps need more vehicles. If you are playing a large map and you spawn in the in the middle, you could have a long long way to walk to the next flag. And tanks are always headed to your flag, It would be nice to put up a proper fight.

More maps is always good, we like choice. If I could change heroes between maps that would be amazing. Some levels are ideal for snipers, others soldiers, gunners etc.

For those interested there is a public test environment at