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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Battlefield Heroes Part II

Now, what I don't like about Battlefield Heroes. When I played Battlefield 2 you could choose a wide range or roles,  like a medic and make a lot of game points healing and reviving people during the game. You rose through the ranks and got new weapons along the way. There was a clear path of promotion and obvious advantages to sticking to it.

It takes a long time to level up in Battlefield Heroes and the rewards are there, but not as tangible as Battlefield 2. In Battlefield Heroes you can use points to have new guns for a limited time. You can use hero points to add to your abilities. But it takes a long time.

This lack or rewards and obvious progress forward deters from the game quite a bit. Money buys you extra hero slots and different clothes. Ok I bought a cigar for my character, wow. I don't see new skins for characters as a big draw.

Also the maps are limited. The only map I like is Buccaneer Bay, you can get a lot of points there. Other maps I drudge through to get back to Bucaneer Bay.

The developers said the game would have limited maps because players end up choosing 1 or 2 maps and playing them over and over. Let the players choose the maps. Give us a choice.

It is free and fun to play on and off. But I am not drawn back to play it day after day like I was with Battlefield 2.