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Monday, 6 July 2009

Battlefield Heroes Free to Play and Out Now

I've waited since the summer of 2008 to play Battlefield Heroes ( But now (quietly it seems) it's launched.

Yes it's a cartoon style third person shooter. Yes it is a blast to play. However, there are 16 year olds ready to blow your face off in the game, and you'll be called a noob when you start.

I was lucky enough to receive a Beta code so I have been able to play the game for the last few months. Now it is open to all, yea! There are plenty of faq's and guides available that tell you the details of the game, I just want to give some basic tips and discuss why the game is so fun to play.

There are 2 sides, Nationals and Royals. I have some heroes on both sides. When you create your heroes remember you only have 4 hero slots. So if you use them all and realize you did want to be a commando or something instead, then you have to buy another slot with battlefunds, er eh, a credit card. I now have 6 slots on both teams because when I was just messing around in beta i forgot to add commandoes, dang.

One nice thing about the game is the pace. It's not too fast and furious where new people are gonna feel out of place. But the pacing is fine for even experienced player.

The tanks are fun to drive. I love just hanging outside of an enemy base with a tank and picking enemies off. I really enjoy flying the planes, but commando's can blow up your plane up.

The one hero that bugs me is the Commando. They are extremely irritating. They have sniper rifles for one. And they can go invisible until a certain range and use the knife to do you in. The commando will rob you of flag points. But as a commando you can do the same to others. Remember you'll be irritating other players and they'll be happy to kill you.

You can get better weapons as you earn points. You enhance your heroes abilities through hero points. If you're a commando, you can improve your invisibility range, so you can sneak up on people easier. You can increase your ability to heal etc.

I mentioned Battlefunds . I've used mine to buy extra hero slots. You can use them to get new clothes, get limited edition items etc.

Remember the game is FREE. If you play and you see me in game, don't just drive past me in the jeep, offer me a ride.