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Friday, 31 July 2009

Battlefield Heroes Part III

How they can make Battlefield Heroes a great game. Leveling up has to be much more evenly scaled expecially after level 11. To get to level 12 I need 40,000 points. Previous levels were relatively easily attainable.

Balancing of the weapons is important. Commandoes are very powerful. They can blow up a spitfire. I wouldn't mind them sniping me in the cockpit, but able to blow up a spitfire is a bit too much.

The large maps need more vehicles. If you are playing a large map and you spawn in the in the middle, you could have a long long way to walk to the next flag. And tanks are always headed to your flag, It would be nice to put up a proper fight.

More maps is always good, we like choice. If I could change heroes between maps that would be amazing. Some levels are ideal for snipers, others soldiers, gunners etc.

For those interested there is a public test environment at

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Battlefield Heroes Part II

Now, what I don't like about Battlefield Heroes. When I played Battlefield 2 you could choose a wide range or roles,  like a medic and make a lot of game points healing and reviving people during the game. You rose through the ranks and got new weapons along the way. There was a clear path of promotion and obvious advantages to sticking to it.

It takes a long time to level up in Battlefield Heroes and the rewards are there, but not as tangible as Battlefield 2. In Battlefield Heroes you can use points to have new guns for a limited time. You can use hero points to add to your abilities. But it takes a long time.

This lack or rewards and obvious progress forward deters from the game quite a bit. Money buys you extra hero slots and different clothes. Ok I bought a cigar for my character, wow. I don't see new skins for characters as a big draw.

Also the maps are limited. The only map I like is Buccaneer Bay, you can get a lot of points there. Other maps I drudge through to get back to Bucaneer Bay.

The developers said the game would have limited maps because players end up choosing 1 or 2 maps and playing them over and over. Let the players choose the maps. Give us a choice.

It is free and fun to play on and off. But I am not drawn back to play it day after day like I was with Battlefield 2. 

Monday, 6 July 2009

Battlefield Heroes Free to Play and Out Now

I've waited since the summer of 2008 to play Battlefield Heroes ( But now (quietly it seems) it's launched.

Yes it's a cartoon style third person shooter. Yes it is a blast to play. However, there are 16 year olds ready to blow your face off in the game, and you'll be called a noob when you start.