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Thursday, 12 March 2009

MagicSymbol is an amazing new 3D visual technology.

MagicSymbol is a 3D technology that uses a web cam and the MagicSymbol printed on paper or card. You simply show your Symbol to the webcam and you can see yourself and the 3D object or animation tracked to the symbol on screen. Amazing!

Inition's Magic Symbol

Toyota using MagicSymbol

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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

My Useful Mac Tools

I am really just writing this post for myself. I had my macbook pro stolen, not nice. I've got a replacement luckily I had most of my essential work backed up. But trying to find those nifty freeware applications or even remember what the actual names of some of them is frustrating. So I've got almost everything set back up and just about got all the cool little freeware apps I can't live without.

Twhirl ( my favourite twitter desktop application. If you don't know what twitter is read my previous post about twitter and twhirl.

Camtwist ( a quicktime video switcher for your podcasts. I want to sue Camtwist to help teach our motion capture system. There really only needs to be the talent, someone directing the talent (digital choreographer if you like) and the technical monkey, that would be me, running the mocap system, making sure things are calibrated etc. But I long to be the digital choreographer, someday. So I could stream the mocap lessons, so the next group of people would have some idea of what to expect.

Jing ( decent screencasting software for the mac that records full size full frame is difficult. I like camtwist for general streaming, but when you are trying to create Final Cut Pro tutorials you need a great screencasting software. So after far too long a time searching and thanks to I found the freeware screen recording software I had used before, JING. I know there are some great tools available to purchase like screenflow, but you have to be selective in what software you buy so you don't bust the budget at work.

Audiobookmaker ( I listen to a lot of podcasts. The weekly ones that I listen to are easy to down load and listen to with nokia podcatcher. There are some great authors out there publishing audio books via podcasts, or podiobooks. I've taken a number of chapters put them together as an audio book so it's easier to put them on my phone as 1 file.

Handbrake ( an excellent DVD ripping tool for your mac. I have a decent collection of DVD's. But I like to use certain clips when I am teaching. Say for my 3D class, history of CGI I talk about Jurassic Park, Last Starfighter, Tron etc. Even with bookmarking in the OSX DVD player, It's quicker to have the clips of special features I want to show on my harddrive.