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Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Dyslexic Blogger

I am a relevant newcomer to blogging. So why bother? I am dyslexic. I am naturally left handed but was forced to switch to writing with my right hand after 3 years of learning to write with my left hand. That sent my mild dyslexia into over drive.

Computers set my mind free. I found talents and abilities I never thought possible. I bought an Amiga computer in the mid 80's and fell in love with computers. Since 1989 my whole life and livelihood has been based around computers. Working as a 3D artist and Video Editor in games to teaching 3D, video and photography today. Things I love.

It took me a long time to learn to enjoy reading. I used to only read technically based books. They got to a point quickly. I really did not enjoy reading at all, because I literally could not see the forest for the trees. Far too many words on a page with no point in view. It took some friends reading a series of books and raving about them before I forced myself to read on. Eventually I learned to enjoy reading fiction, and especially lots of science fiction.

If reading took awhile to catch on you can imagine how long it took to enjoy writing. I know I am not an elegant writer. But at least I can communicate my thoughts relatively clearly. I remember watching some tv show where I heard, "nothing more creative then putting pen to paper and start writing". As a dyslexic, I've never enjoyed putting pen to paper. But I did enjoy putting my fingers to the keyboard, and hand on mouse.

Getting back to my earlier question, why bother blogging at the late date I started. I've found blogging to be cathartic. I've let out a lot frustrations and shared some ideas. It's helped me process deeper issues even if I was not directly addressing them in a particular blog.

By the way have you ever noticed that dyslexics never misspell the word dyslexia?