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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Mac vs Windows

I love computers. Thats it.  I have been a big fan of Macs since the 90's.  I was even lucky enough to do some sofware testing on a Next machine. I loved the Next system.  I have also used Silicon Graphics, and finally my beloved Amiga.

I am also a fan of Windows PC's  I used to be a DOS pro. I had image manipulation and video tools that worked fab in DOS. But of course with the advent of windows I became a fan.

I will wear a microsoft windows t-shirt and talk about the virtues of the osx.  My mac fanatic friends sigh when I do this.  I really do love working on  mac.  But, I am also a gamer. And I love playing games on a PC. Online first person shooters, real time strategy, etc etc. I am also a Microsoft flight simulator buff.

I played Microsoft flight simulator back on the Amiga.  Today Microsoft Flight Simulator X can only be played on a Windows PC.  Please correct me if I am wrong.  But I love everything from the realistic navigation to just virtually flying.  I just need direct x 10, and I will be in heaven.  Also I use 3ds Max which so far has not been ported to a Mac. I have used Lightwave on a Mac and a PC and it was better on a PC.  Maya I have heard works well on both.

Both platforms have their essential tools that I require. On the Mac it's Final Cut Pro.  I love FCP, it's elegant. I came from old school  linear editing. I fell in love with non linear editing with FCP.  Yes Adobe Premiere is a very good program, but if i have a choice I will use FCP on a mac.

Photoshop, After Effects and Illustrator work perfectly on a Mac or a PC, but for some reason I prefer using them on a Mac. Although I do use them on a PC regularly.

I love 3DS Max,  I have used Maya, Wavefront, Alias, etc etc but there is something about 3DS Max that keeps me coming back. It's rock solid as a 3D program.

If I had to choose only one system what would it be? That would have been a very tough decision to make a week ago. But now I know.  My PC's power supply blew up and the motherboard cooked on my Windows PC. I have my Macbook Pro to use which I do love using, I am writing my blog right now on it. But dang, I want to go and do some serious first person shooting RIGHT NOW! I want to play on Microsoft Flight Simulator and virtually from Santa Monica to some small airport RIGHT NOW!

If I was forced to have one system it would be a Window PC. Sorry to my Mac fanatic friends, but it's true.  It's a difficult realisation to come to because I thought I was always 50/50.

Well writing this has kept my mind off of some serious gaming, what do I do now until I have my PC back?