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Friday, 21 November 2008

Roger and Me

I am glad Obama is reading FDR. He needs help dealing with a troubled economy.

I don't know how I feel about the government and General Motors. Yes it's an important company to America, but what about things like flint Michigan and the job closures? Check out one of Michael Moore's films Roger and Me and then tell me for sure GM should get saved no questions asked.

For the workers sakes yes it should be saved. However GM should be brought to task for past sins.

Friday, 14 November 2008

The Iphone

Guess what! I don't want an iphone. Why? because I can't use the onscreen keyboard. If you have an iphone, try typing with a sausage. My fingers are not small enough to enjoy an iphone. I can't type on it.

I need a keypad on a phone. At 56 I can text like a madman on my N95. On my friends iphone, I get gibberish cause it can't adapt to my hands and fingers.

My friend is a Mac fanatic. I am a gamer so the pc will always be a superior platform for me. Though I do love macs, especially the mac laptops. I told him if he did not get an iphone I would be dissappointed in him. He got one and he loves it. He even texts me, which he never did before. So the iphone is right for him, the skinny fingered git.

I do love Nokia phones. I've already blogged about some of the features that I like, but they are awesome. Maybe the google android will be cool if it ever gets off t-mobile.

So, do I feel left behind because I won't get an iphone? No! Do I feel bad that they did not design it for my hands and fingers? No! The other reasons I won't buy an iphone is mms. I love sending pictures and videos to friends. If I want to send a picture to my friend with an iphone i can't cause I know he can't send one back and I don't even know if he can recieve them. How could a phone made in the 21st century not do mms? Apple is usually ahead of the curve, but they missed this with the iphone. And what about video? So far you won't see any video clips on youtube done by an iphone owner. Oh for the iphone users mms is multimedia messaging, you know images and videos you can take, send and recieve on your phone. Oops not your phone, my phone.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The Election

It's 7:19 here in the UK. I hope when I wake up tomorrow Obama is President. I just wish Martin, Jack and Bobby were here to see it.