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Sunday, 31 August 2008

What is this and why can't i have a beta code for it. Apparently it allows you to update all your social network sites. I have heard people talk about it, but I can't use it yet, cause all the googled beta codes have become obsolete.

This disappoints me terribly. I was also looking forward to playing battlefield heroes. Stated as being released Summer 2008. Well the summer is almost gone and there is no battlefield heroes, only beta keys which I am really fed up with cause I don't have one.

Why can't I be on the inside track of something like or battlefield heroes. I spend so much money on EA games that I am starting to take this personally. I buy sims 2 and all the add-ons for my wife. Command and Conquer and battlefield 2 for me. I want to get the new Battlefield bad company but I might wait, just cause I can't play battlefield heroes.

The only non EA game I have is Microsoft Flight Simulator. If EA come out with an awesome flight sim then I'll probably buy it.

I will have to find some way of getting on the inside track. But until then I suppose I will sit here feeling sorry for myself not being worthy of a beta code of any kind.