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Sunday, 31 August 2008

What do you know. Sitting around and feeling sorry for myself actually worked. I managed to get a beta key for I am happy beyond belief. I now feel like I am on the inside track. Now if only battlefield heroes comes online my life would almost be complete.

What is this and why can't i have a beta code for it. Apparently it allows you to update all your social network sites. I have heard people talk about it, but I can't use it yet, cause all the googled beta codes have become obsolete.

This disappoints me terribly. I was also looking forward to playing battlefield heroes. Stated as being released Summer 2008. Well the summer is almost gone and there is no battlefield heroes, only beta keys which I am really fed up with cause I don't have one.

Why can't I be on the inside track of something like or battlefield heroes. I spend so much money on EA games that I am starting to take this personally. I buy sims 2 and all the add-ons for my wife. Command and Conquer and battlefield 2 for me. I want to get the new Battlefield bad company but I might wait, just cause I can't play battlefield heroes.

The only non EA game I have is Microsoft Flight Simulator. If EA come out with an awesome flight sim then I'll probably buy it.

I will have to find some way of getting on the inside track. But until then I suppose I will sit here feeling sorry for myself not being worthy of a beta code of any kind.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Wheel of fate

I was hoping that Obama would twitter who his running mate was before I went to bed.  But I have to go off to bed without knowing who his running mate is.  As an American living abroad it's interesting to see the interest in Obama.  I think the UK is collectively holding it's breath until Obama chooses a running mate that gets him in the White House, then we can exhale, until the election.  We'll be blue in the face waiting for the results, and if Obama does not get in we may not take another breath.  Fox news is going to interview Obamas half brother in Nairobi, why not interview McCains ex wife. 

What hope does Obama offer?  Hope.  Hope for the future of America. Hope for peace in the middle east.  Hope for a fairer treatment of people at home in the states.  I don't know if Obama can fill the whole bill of everything that people hope for, but at least he will try.  Will the wheel of fate allow him to have a go at being potus.  I hope so.

As my Wife says, hope is a very undervalued commodity in a time of recession, credit crunch and war.  Hope gets us through the rough times.  If we can but hope, we'll make it.
Obama is intelligent, well spoken and not perfect.  Thank heavens for that we don't want a perfect person as a President.   My wife and I think he is more to the left than most people think.  Since I have moved to the UK, I have seen and heard great left leaning people like Tony Benn.  So people in America, don't be afraid of the left.   I think that McCarthy still haunts the subconscious of Americans, shouting communist! to anything left of centre. You can be so left as to be socialist, and still be very far from being a communist.  Calm that voice of McCarthy inside your heads.

As you can tell I like Obama and I hope he becomes President.  I'm tired of the good ole boys getting rich off of oil.  They have had their run.  Now let's get back to a president who inspires us.  And for heavens sake Hillary and Bill please give your full support for his Presidency.