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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Photography outlawed?

Students have been banned from taking photographs or video of anything on the Brunel campus without prior permission. Now they have to get permission via email. So, if they set up a day in advance to take photos, and the weather is bad or something then they have to start over. Some people have had 8 page emails in a response to a request to take photos.

This is driving me mad and I am not going to take it any more (ala broadcast news). Is it right to stop students taking photographs on their own campus? We should have a protest. Lets have a big photography sit in day? Yea!

There is another problem with students taking photographs in London. Some students have been stopped and questioned by the police. One Student was taken to the station and released.

I understand the security concerns. And in a way I am glad the police are on the ball. But what about society in general, is photography inherently dangerous? What about all the camera phones out there. They could be discretely taking pictures all the time. And with wifi and 3g, gps and geo tagging, they can be uploaded to the web in a few minutes, and located on google maps.

What to do? Unless the photographer or videographer is going about in a dangerous way or causing danger to others, let them be. What about the sneaky bastard on his Nokia camera phone taking pictures and uploading them to the web without anybody noticing?

What would Ansel Adams say? Brunel and society in general have to lighten up. Let us take pictures in peace. Let our photos go.