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Friday, 18 July 2008

My Head is in the clouds

Back in high school when computing was a mysterious world of the super geeks, and I was a wanna be super geek, we had access to computers, sort of. What we had was a series of terminals, in which you could execute a program or command, that was sent to a main frame computer somewhere. These terminals, just a display and a keyboard and a connection to a main frame.

There is some talk of going back to this type of computing, again sort of. Applications such as word processors could live on the net, and we would never have to install anything on our own hard drive.

So you would no longer need to purchase Microsoft Office just for a word processor. You could use something like, a word processor that is live on the web, no download necessary.

The new buzzword is cloud computing. This is what got me thinking about dumb terminals and net applications. The cloud is your email, calendar, docs etc that don't live on your computer but live on the web. So you have been using cloud computing by using hotmail , gmail and yahoo mail.

I am not writing this blog in Microsoft word. I am writing this on's Buzzword. Wow, an application named after what cloud computing is trying to become. A buzzword.

I think that the idea that you only need a basic computer with web access is a good thought, but for someone like me who is an avid pc gamer, it would not work. I will use the cloud, well google mail and google calendar etc. Lets hope the cloud does not turn dark and start raining on us. Heaven help us if there is lighting in the cloud.