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Saturday, 26 July 2008


I talked to my step son the other day and he told me he was being made redundant. All the call centre work for the company going to to another country. I know this is a national trend, and I don't begrudge the hard working people who will get the work. I know we live in a global economy.

How much work will go offshore? And when does it become a problem? GM downsized it's car production and left Flint Michigan in shambles. You should watch Michael Moore's film Roger and Me. Many big companies took their manufacturing offshore, and now the service jobs are leaving.

Yes it's probably good for some companies to go offshore, like my step sons company. The problem arises when we reach a point where the people who used to buy those products or services are out of jobs because of off shore labour. And these people can no longer buy these products or services. What happens to company profits then? We need jobs to buy their stuff.

The service sector was going to be the new economic stronghold with so much less manufacturing. What now?

As Harley Shaiken said from News Hour with Jim Leher ""Let me quote a participant in a recent U.N. study about globalization. The participant said, "It doesn't do much good for a father to be able to buy a pair of shoes more cheaply if that father loses his job." And I think that's an underlying principle that's very important here. "

So what do we do? What will the new area of the economy be that provides a job and a future for my step son?

I am an immigrant, I went offshore for heavens sake. But not for a job. I hope my step son finds a new job, I am sure he will. Anyone out there want to hire him?