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Saturday, 16 February 2008

The day is near

Did I say I was quitting smoking on the first of February? No thats impossible. Well the month is not over so my resolution stands a chance of happening. We need the money. Someone in their giant carbon footprint SUV backed into our lovely little proton. They said they didn't see the car, well obviously they didn't, maybe they weren't looking.

The proton, a malaysian car can take a licking and keeps on ticking (old timex advert). That car has been the most reliable car I have ever had. Unfortunately it's so old (R Reg) that the damage from bigfoot backing into our car has made it a total write off. So no more proton.

We have driven that car all over the uk, in all kinds of weather, roads, etc and it just keeps going. It's only needed brakes and tires and 1 new radiator, but it never left us stranded. Well we only paid for brakes and tires, cause the poor thing never got serviced. An oil change every 80,000 miles whether it needed it or not.

We packed that thing up till the doors were bending out and the boot was warped and it just kept going and going. And it went well, any speed up the motorway you dialed in, it went. Any amount of heat or cold outside it kept going.

We loved that car, it was not flash, some of you may never have heard of proton cars ( Whatever, they last forever, or until some nunce backs into it.

So we have to save for a car so there go the fags. We spend far too much money on smoking, so it has to go. I think it's going to take me longer to get over the loss of that car (it was sooo dependable) than it took me to get over my ex wife announcing she was leaving.

I have owned 3 protons in all, all rock solid cars. I wish they could have made it as a brand, but maybe someday. Now as much as I would like a flash car if I can find another proton like the last one I will buy it.

Oh and about my resolution, no more smoking after February 27th or no car, so wish me luck. And I hate riding the bus, but I'll leave that to another blog.