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Sunday, 13 January 2008

Resolutions for 2008

It's 2008 already. I've been in the UK for 10 years. And no new resolutions for 2008. I suppose I could resolve to quit smoking, but I have been planning on that for a long time. I have successfully quit numerous times in 2007, for at least 8 hours. Maybe this year I will quit smoking for good. It's expensive, smelly, and nowadays it's anti-social.

There's an old song where the chorus goes, watching captain kangaroo and smoking cigarettes now don't tell me, got nothing to do. Well captain kangaroo was a kids presenter ages ago in the states. And it's true it's hard to get bored if you have a pack of fags and tv, well sky tv.

Ok here it is, a resolution for February 2008, I am actually going to quit smoking then. It's easier to plan on quitting in the future and when you have 2 packs of fags on hand, but there it is a resolution, bit late for a new year resolution but a resolution nonetheless.

What I don't like is the how like America, the UK has jumped on the anti smoking bandwagon. Like Eddie Izzard said when they banned smoking in American bars, "no smoking and soon no drinking and talking either". They have banned smoking everywhere indoors, soon you won't be able to smoke in your own house, and they'll start taxing you for the air you breathe. The best program on tv about this was a raging anti smoker confronting a smoker in a bar before the ban. She told him off for polluting the air. He smiled and told her that his cigarette smoke does not have the same impact on pollution that her car does. That pissed her off. She said she needed her car, but he got his point across, her car is making it hard for everyone to breath, his smoke, well there we go.

I've seen it here and in the states where the government makes a big issue the individuals problem. With global warming (that needs discussing) they try to get individuals responsible for a problem that reaches far past the carbon footprint of 1 family. What about industry?

Now, if we actually were causing global warming or not, conserving resources is still a good idea. Breathing is a good idea. If everyone is so worried about our carbon footprint why aren't the car manufacturer producing hydrogen fuel cell engines that have no pollution now! The oil companies, producing nations (including Britain) want us to suck on the tit of oil for as long as possible, make us guilty for it, tax us, and keep it up as long as possible. It's good for the economy. In the mean time blame the small guy for global warming, start wars for oil (also good for economies), and hope no one notices. I need a fag.