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Sunday, 16 December 2007

U.S. Talk Radio has gone down hill

I got a new pda. I would have loved to get an iphone, but the price is restrictive. So I got a palm tx. It works great. It has wifi, which I wanted and as an added feature the kinoma player can recieve internet radio station. After browsing the radio stations I found some of my old favourite talk radio stations from Los Angeles. KABC and KFI.

I used to listen to those stations about 10 years ago, when I lived in L.A. The hosts were always interesting and intelligent. There were politico's both left and right, but the hosts seemed to present intelligent arguments for thier side. Many of the hosts really did present both sides of the argument.

Wow, things have changed. I tuned into KFI and the program was about immagrants speaking English. The host was complaining that immigrants from mexico and other places that lived in the U.S. should speak ENGLISH. He kept saying this over and over. He cited references to Teddy Rosevelt, irish, german immigrants etc. It's one thing to ask people to speak english, but you don't have to mock them. Wasn't Texas and parts of California taken from Mexico in the first place? After the 50th "WE SPEAK ENGLISH HERE" I had to turn it off. I'ved lived in England for 10 years mate and you don't actually speak ENLISH.

So I switched over to my other favourite, KABC. They had a republican hard nose on. Now in my day the republican talk radio spokesoman was Rush Limbaugh. I listened to him a few times, he toed the party line, was funny sometimes and that was that. I could not believe my ears, the talk radio was mean spirited conservative talk. Very mean about liberals, telling everyone that if you vote for hilary you'll die waiting for health care like they all die wating in Canada. This host went on and on , very very negative about anything not neo conservative.

Again, living in England for the past 10 years i can tell you the NHS is not perfect, but I don't have to wait to see a doctor. I don't have to wait for emergency care. The americans like to put forward this idea that if they vote for national health, you'll wait 3 months to get help after a car accident. I happen to like the NHS.

After listening to both shows and getting completely fed up a strange thought entered my head. Maybe Fox News really is fair and balanced. Bill O'Rielly is a pussycat compared to the people I heard.