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Monday, 22 October 2007

BBC Cuts

Oh for goodness sake. I think the labour government must hate the BBC. I think it goes back to the sexed up intelligence report by the BBC. What are we gonna do. The BBC is an important channel in the world today. I hope it stays that way. It sure aint perfect hey it's what we got. Yes there is influence over the BBC and what it broadcasts. However, BBC is not part of any corporate entity. That fact in itself makes the BBC a powerful force in news. I am not saying news owned by major corporations is tainted. But the possibility exists of undo influence from parent companies stopping stories. At least the BBC has been free to report, to make mistakes, except now the government just cut their funds.

And people are complaining about Jonathon Ross's salary. He has a fabulous chat show on Friday nights on the BBC. Ok, so he makes a lot of money. I pay my license fee he makes me laugh. Thats a good deal. So with a 2 billion pound shortfall what is going to be cut from the beeb. I can tell you what won't be cut, soap operas.

I have a solution. One of the best shows the BBC produces is Top Gear. I love that show. They do a great series plus amazing specials. I think Clarkson and company are going to have to start using product placement. Can you imagine the Stig test driving a fast car while drinking Coca Cola, and saying "refreshing anytime." (Coke send me a check.. look product placement in my own blog.

Oh wait a minute. If the Government is cutting 2 Billion from the BBC, will I get a rebate on my tv license?