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Friday, 22 June 2007

I didn't move to Britain to have the word F Word bleeped

What is happening to the lovely country I moved to. I am watching Jonathon Ross interview Iggy Pop and the BBC is bleeping Iggy Pop saying Fuck. Whats with that?

When I first started watching tv in Britian I liked the fact that you heard people swear. It's real. I swear, so why not hear it on tv. It was funny to watch various U.S. actors and such, who came on Graham Norton and other shows, and were in total shock when people swore on the show and no one took took any notice. It seemed to be liberating for some of them.

What the fuck are we supposed to do? There seems to be a lot of political correctness creeping into the society here. Or has it fallen on us full tilt like the sky? When I first moved here I experienced a culture that was very free thinking. I believe those people still exist, but they need to have a voice. One of my latest shocks was hearing that they were going to ban an advertisement phrase "Go to work on an Egg". It's a very old advert that was going to be run again but it was deemed wrong becuase the phrase does not represent a balanced diet. Bloody hell.

They want to charge the parents of overweight children as abusive. Does that mean that Coke will be outlawed. What about crisps? What about Pizza? Are any of these things that are less healthy to go to work on than an egg be banned? How far will the political correct police go?

I mentioned to my Wife I thought the society here in Britain has changed. She told me the World has gone down hill in the last 10 years. She asked me if I ever thought the U.S. would ever hold people in Guantanamo Bay. If anything I thought that the U.S. would have proudly upheld the Geneva Convention in it's treament of prisoners of war or even enemy combatants.

We have to feel guilty about driving to work, eating eggs, being overweight (like me), and whatever bugger else they come up with. But now they are bleeping the word fuck on BBC.

Maybe it won't solve all the probelms of the world, but let people swear on TV. It's a small concession to free speech. And who knows, with a bit more swearing in public maybe we can tell the politically correct mob to FUCK OFF!