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Monday, 28 May 2007

Social Networking

Social Networking. Well what else is an urban hermit do to?

Well I can keep in touch with people in other rooms of my house, is that good? And yes I can I can have a place for family and friends. Which is good.

I suppose the whole idea of social networking goes back to ICQ in the late 90's. When i entered the world of chat (which is so last century, btw) ICQ was the coolest way to realy socailly network and find out if friends were online. It was so social of a network then I met my wife via ICQ, Chat and Email. Net life seemed so innocent back then. Although my wifes friends thought I was an axe murderer when I was going to meet her in person. I remember back when yahoo chat was full of interesting peoplem and you could have an intelligent conversation or debate with someone. It was a lot of fun, and I met my wife (writing this 10 years later and still married).

ICQ and chat were great, that was great until the cyber stalkers /crazies came along. These were people who you thought were cool until you found out they were really insane (or axe murderers) or they sent you a picture that was weird or of them 20 years ago or worse. And then everyone logged into ICQ in invisible mode. Even then you had messages come to you cause the stalkers KNEW you were there.

Well, what can i say. I am still fond of ICQ though I dont use it anymore. Now we have windows live messenger etc. Myspace, Yahoo messenger and yahoo chat but no private rooms (where the interesting people were). But now the net is dangerous. The cyber stalkers were wacky, but not dangerous like today. I suppose the democratazation of the net means everyone can have a computer and the network, and that is good. I guess.

I still like to think about the days when ICQ was it. Though I like Windows Messenger and Yahoo messenger etc. Myspace is becoming old news. What is a cyber junkie to do.