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Saturday, 17 February 2007

Stepping across the pond

I am an immigrant. Who would have thought this was possible. Had you told me even 1 year before I left the states for the UK I would not have believed them. But here I am almost 9 years later living away from my native country.

Someone said that moving is one of the most stressfull events you will experience, just next to death. Try immigrating.

Now I love the UK. I did almost the moment I landed here. However, if you visit you might notice that the English speak fast. My head was spinning trying to understand the accent and the speed at which people talked. My wife said she purposely spoke slower so I would understand what she was saying. I just wonder how dumb I might have looked, while being spoken to in a slow manner. But now armed with speedy talk myself, and knowing more of the nuances of the language I can keep up with everyone here in conversation. Now my friends in the states tell me to slow down. Boy do they sound dumb.

One of the other issues with immigrating is the exchange rate, credit etc etc. When I moved to England the exchange rate was 2 to 1, so for every 2 dollars I brought, I got 1 pound sterling. That was tough. Now with my luck if i want to go back to the states, we'll have switched to the euro or the pound will go way down and I will get screwed coming and going.

Omens to look for. If the housing boom is about to crash, just ask me if I recently bought a house, it will crash. If you want to know which currency is going to go through the roof, ask me, cause I just moved there.