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Saturday, 17 February 2007

I blog therefore I am

Well I suppose it's time to start blogging. (sit and think for a few hours....) Since I spend a lot of time on a computer, do I really have time for any kind of life. When did I have a life?

Before moving to the UK I lived and worked in the States. Now talk about no life at all in the States. Working in the states, if I wanted to take time off, I had to look over my shoulder at the people waiting to take over my job, or downsize me or something. The thinking in most places I worked was, if he has time to take a vacation (holiday in the uk) then he is just not busy, essential, needed, enough. So in the states we had personal days, which I used for long weekends, that way i could keep an eye on my desk and at least appear essential. When I left my last job in the states, I had almost a month of vacation days which I never took. Well at least they paid me for the vacation time I didn't take.

I have been in the UK for awhile now and it didn't take long to learn to love Holiday time. Although I still tend to be a workaholic, I will take time off, and relax while taking time off. Who knows whats next?